QRI opening event tresure hunt


The grand opening day of QRI at 6:00 am, Dec 13(Japan time)
Treasure hunting event:
from Dec. 12, 2:00 pm to Dec.16 8:00 pm (PST)
I am a tenant of QRI shopping mall. You can get my gift too.

How to enjoy the game in ENGLISH:
First of all, please search for the numbered boxes in QRI.  Each boxes holds a key word.
You will see a TP bar in front of each shop which will take you to that vendor`s main store.
When you reach the main stores,  please search for boxes with the corresponding number as the one you have.
Stand in front of the box you have found and say the number of the box together with the key word in general chat to get your present.
ex: /01 ciocco  (01 is a number on the box)